Monday, November 30, 2009

Did You Miss Us?

Weeeee're Baaaaack! Well sort of back anyway. I have at least 3 hours of vlog to edit, and today is my first day back at blog-work. So, I thought I would dig in the archives for something short and sweet that we haven't posted yet. You can tell it is old because I am still blonde. Tee hee! Hope it puts a little chuckle in your day.

Hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving...and missed us terribly! We missed you. Hopefully today I'll get the bags unpacked, the groceries purchased, and edit a ton of video. Hmmm...that might be a tad ambitious.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Monday...Let's Chat!

Hello Loyal Bloggy Friends! This is going to be a crazy week isn't it. Our kids are out of school and both of us are heading out of town for the holiday. So, forgive our small number of posts, and even smaller number of comments on all of your great blogs. By next week we will be back on track...Fo Sho! In the meantime...enjoy this vlog we put together when we were guests on Midday Escapades last week. We had a great time making it...hope you have an even better time watching it. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Awards & Theta Tag!

Holly at 504main gave us this super chic award. We think your blog is super fabulous too Holly! Love the name by the way:) We would love to pass this on to the following fabulishous blogs...

As have official permission from us not to follow any rules unless you secretly long too. That said...
-Share 5 things that you are obsessed with
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Rook No. 17 gave us

The rule to this award is simple: (Only if you rules!) "Pass on the award to 10 other people while notifying and prompting them to do the same."

What Makes Me a Theta Mom --- I've been tagged!

Three friends...Erin at The Mother Load & Tattoos And Teething Rings & 38 And Growing
tagged us this week in the Theta Mom challenge (Theta = The True, Authentic Mom). If you are tagged you must list five things that make you a true, authentic mom, and then pass along the tag to five other deserving moms.

*Saying Sorry - With my kids I have to step back a lot...look at how I handle any given situation...and access if it's my turn to say sorry. Many times it is.

*I Don't Want To Play - Every time my kids ask me if I want to play something with them...on my face I'm smiling but on the inside my answer is always NO! When I do play...I never regret it.

*Allowing Them To Fail - I tend to rescue...but as my kids get older I'm working hard at letting them face the music at school, at home with chores/behavior, with their peers. I have to let go of wondering how their failures might make me look...and let them learn their lessons.

*Say Yes More Than No - It is a rule I try to live by...unless of course their well-being is at stake.

*Worrying About What Could Be...Someday! - A wise mom told me..."Don't look today for the adult your child will grow up to be." I guess what that meant to me was that I could let go of the worries of today trusting that there will be enough time to work on the character that would most matter in the future. Lord knows...I am not the perfect example they need to follow. So, I cling to that...and PRAY A LOT!

If you choose to obey the rules...Kudos! If are absolved of any guilt. The five blogs I would like to tag are...
*stilettos and ink
*warm chocolate milk
*cross country love
y's thoughts (yup...authentic daddy parenting is super important too!)

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Are Your Traditions Making YOU Happy?

I think traditions start because we want our kids to have moments to remember. Something we do every year, so that we will feel connected as a family. We have a couple of traditions that I love.

*In October we go to our favorite pumpkin patch to walk the hay maze, pick the pumpkins, go home and carve them.

*In December we head up into the woods to cut down our Christmas tree together. Now the kids can carry the tree to the car all by themselves. Times have changed! When we get home I string the lights, and the kids decorate it. Then we have hot cider and read our favorite Christmas books by the fire.
(We found the perfect tree!)

*Every night when I put the kids to bed I put scented lotion on their arms and pillow. It started one night when my son said he loved how I smelled. That night, 5 years ago, a tradition was born that all three kids love. A little bit of Mama before they close their eyes and go to sleep.

In the past, traditions drove me to...perfectionism. I wanted the next time to be just as fabulous as the time previous...and it usually wasn't. Then I felt angry that I put all that effort into something, and theeeeeeeey didn't appreciate it the way I wanted them to. Heck...I couldn't enjoy it either because I was so exhausted.

What our kids really enjoy is experiencing new things. If we tried to recreate a moment from the previous year, it was sure to fall short of our expectations. So, that's when I let go of finding life long traditions. During the year as moments present themselves I find easy ways to celebrate them. No big wind up, no weeks of planning, just spontaneous, simple fun. I think the kids like having a mommy that isn't stressed out by the "great time" we are trying to have!

Now, when I'm getting ready to do something special for my family I ask myself if I'm enjoying the preparation and the anticipated outcome. If the answer is no...I switch gears...simplify...and go about my work so much more joyfully.

I'm giving you permission today to think about the traditions that you put so much of your energy into during the year. Does it make YOU happy? Does it rob you or fill you with joy as you are creating the moment? Is it really that meaningful to them, or is it just expected? Is it time to try something new? Whatever the answer is for you and your family...I hope this post affirms your efforts, or bring clarity to help you build an even stronger bond with your loved ones.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Valuing Friendship

Healthy friendships are so important because we all long to be known. We can't and shouldn't depend on our spouse to be our only source of comfort and care. Friendships add a richness to our lives as we share everything from our hurts to our humor. Here Charisse and I discuss what we look for in a great friendship.

Thanks Lynn at Midday Escapades we loved being your guest yesterday!
Wanted to do a "shout out" also to a few other friends we love. Go visit them...
*Pink Flip Flops & Wine & Tater Tot Mom & I Wait For That Day

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Celebrating You Today...

Did you need to hear that?
Because it's true!
Everyday you dare to share a piece of yourself with each of us.
Many may ask you why...but we never will...because we understand!
We want you to know that we go to your blog because we love what you do.

share your heart
make us laugh
inspire us to be more
make us think
create amazing things
write like it's your job...and it could be!

We see the ways you love your family.
We read about the many ways that they drive you crazy!
You show us books to read, recipes to cook, and glimpses of your unique life.

Have you ever felt so supported, so validated, so heard, so encouraged?
How many people come to your blog every week to read your words?
You are amazing!
So, today you have a place of honor at our table because...YOU ARE SPECIAL!

Have you ever used a "You Are Special" plate in your home?
Many of us have it, and if you don' need to buy one. You could put a candle in front of the recipients plate, or a beautiful wine glass for their milk, a small vase filled with a few flowers from the get the picture. We used to put out the plate when one of the kids achieved something really special, but now we use it in a different way. We put it out to applaud effort. He stuck with the long hours it took to study for a test. She shows compassion for a sibling instead of reacting impulsively. He offered to do her chore when he saw she was struggling to get her homework done.

My friend Shelly told me that she puts it out once in awhile just to say I Love You. Happily I adopted that method as well! On those nights we go around the table each saying a couple of things we love about that person. It only takes a few minutes, but means so much. Don't forget to put it out for Dad...or even for yourself. We all deserve to hear the words that remind us that what we do everyday means something.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bling, Bling, Bling...Sunday!

Lee at Headaches, Hormones & Hotflashes and
Cynthia at Running With Letters gave us the Super Scribbler Award. We proudly accept and pass this on to a few of our friends. The award goes to...

*tiffany-on the verge
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Thanks to In My Mind It Is Funny we've been given the...

In my only have to follow the rules on these awards if you feel like it. That said...we give this award to a couple of our newer bloggy friends...

*conquer the monkey

7 Things About Me You Might Not Holly
*I'm the youngest of four children.
*I can burp on command.
*I'm 5 feet tall. Don't I look taller on tv?
*I've been married for 18 years.
*Hubby and I traveled/backpacked around the world for 4 months before we had kids.
*The only food I don't like are organ meats. Everything else I love.
*I love all of the scariest, fastest rides at amusement parks. But swinging on the swings at the park makes me nauseous...go figure!

Kreativ Blogger Rules:
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Clips

Sometimes we have to do a lot of editing to get our point across. Often there are really fun moments left on the cutting room floor. Here are a few of those clips...put bring a little laughter into your day. Make sure you watch it to the meet the newest members of our family. Hint, hint...they are furry and cute!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Truth Is...

The truth is...I spend time thinking about what is hard in my life, with no real perspective on what hardship really looks like.

The truth is...I convince myself that helping those in need a couple of times a year is enough, even though I have so much more that I could give.

The truth matter how many things I buy, I will never be satisfied.

The truth is...I have never really been hungry or cold or alone. Sometimes I see a person on the street, and I tell myself stories of how they got there. Stories that make ME feel better about ignoring them. Their immense...that I feel afraid of the sacrifice it would require.

The truth is... I know there are kids not more than a mile away that don't have enough to eat everyday or enough volunteers at their school and yet I find reasons not to contribute.

The truth is...right now all around the world there are people living without ANY hope. They endure unfathomable mental and physical pain. They have no medical help and no education. They desperately want to take care of their families, but are unable to rise above their circumstances. They are far away, and so I pretend they don't exist.

The truth is...I don't want to continue living my life like this anymore.

From time to time I have to put on my rubber gloves, get down on my hands and knees, and deep clean my soul. Today, I'm looking at my privileged life. I can afford the things we need, and most of the things we want. The plans I had as a little girl to find a wonderful husband and be a mommy at home with my kids all came true. I have time to think, workout, be creative, see friends, and plan for the future. In my comfortable life, with my blinders on, I can live in a world that doesn't expect anything of me. The personal growth! Because, God works best in me when I am out of my comfort zone. He longs to wake me up, teach me how to see the world through His eyes, wrestle with the injustice and sadness, and take action. That's a tall I willing to give him that?

I guess this is a good time of year to "clean house" so to speak. I'm looking to approach this season with a renewed mind. I want to honor my faith and celebrate the people in my life...not charge headlong into senseless spending and ridiculous schedules. This year I'm shopping for treasures made by beautiful people with hardworking hands that long to change their circumstances. I'm dipping my big toe into the waters of compassion. Maybe someday I'll have a story to tell about the day I took a risk and dove in.

-Trade As One

-Heavenly Treasures
"Our mission is to serve together with others worldwide to support the Christian micro enterprise network through product and project development, market placement and distribution. Heavenly Treasures partners with others to help the poor through Livelihood Projects. Get Involved!"

If this interests on the links I've provided and shop their online stores.
We've purchased gifts from both organizations in past years, and have always been impressed with the quality.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kids Are Funny!

The school year has just begun, and yet we are already chock full of stories. Grab your latte, pull up a chair, put up your feet, and get ready to laugh. Cuzzzz....Kids Are Funny!

Sending our love and admiration today to a couple of great blog friends. They are faithful, funny, insightful, and Fab commenters. Giddy Up on over to...
Erin at The Mother Load
Daffy at Batcrap Crazy

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Monday, November 9, 2009

That's How We Roll...

Donna at Obnoxious SAHM asked us if we would be a guest blogger. So, Charisse and I went to work creating something special just for her. A few minutes of friendship & fun...Holly & Charisse style.

So, have you been over to Lee's place at Headaches Hormones and Hotflashes? If you haven't...grab some dry underwear and go there now! She is tops when it comes to blog friends...We Love Her...You'll Love Her Too!

Thanks for coming by! We love know we do.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bling Sunday!

What! For little ole us? This is going to look so awesome in our trophy slideshow. This came from MJ at Dirty Little Confessions. She tells it like it is. Never fake...always real...which makes her very sincere. I can see how she earned this award. We proudly accept this honor and pass it on to the following blogs.
*My Best Day Ever
*I Wonder Wye

Bibi from findingthepotofgold is totally Superior in a really awesome way...and gave us the Superior Scribbler Award! We LOVE we will humbly accept.

If you want to follow the rules they are listed below. Sometimes I do...sometimes I don't. We will love you either pressure here! We pass this award on to...


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Many, many thanks to Tami at Every Day In Gray who gave us the... We think she is tops & very friendly indeed! Other favorite friends that we love and want to pass this on to include...

April at Crazy Little Thing Called Life gave us the
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I really want to say thank you to all of the people out there who follow us faithfully. So many of you already possess all of these awards. You know who you are...I know who you are...and I appreciate you. I plan on thanking one or two of you every day with my posts this week. It's because of you that any of this is fun at all! Love you so...Holly & Charisse

Friday, November 6, 2009

Good Enough...Can Be Great!

Why did I say that?
I forgot to show up for your school performance?
You're in the principal's office again...what did I do wrong?
Here I go...I can feel it coming...I'm screaming again!
Mother's guilt! If you didn't feel like a failure from time to time you wouldn't be normal. We do make mistakes...terrible ones mother is exempt! We are flawed and our kids will be too. We walk through this stuff with our children, sometimes handling it right, sometimes getting it wrong. Then there are those times that we get stuck mulling over where we went wrong...and it paralyzes us?
If that is where you are today as you read this...I just want to encourage you. I think we imagine that mothers everywhere are doing their job perfectly, and we couldn't be more wrong! I remember someone telling me once that "we compare our insides with other peoples outsides." In other words...we know our mistakes, our inadequacies, and it makes us feel like a pile of doo doo. We take that knowledge and then compare ourselves to someone else who looks all put together. Guess what? Inside she feels like doo doo too!

So let's make a pledge...hold up your right hand...I'm waiting...ok, repeat after me...I promise to imagine that every woman I come in contact with today feels like a steaming pile of doo doo. I will not compare my crap to her crap. I will instead look at her with kindness, think about her desire to do right by her family, and know that like me...she will come up short. Because, that is the truth!
We run our lives like a sprint...manic and if every moment is critical. In actuality it's a marathon. The experience is accumulative. I think our job is to be "good enough" parents every day. Good enough parenting is intentional, thoughtful, and is not an excuse to screw up. It is realistic, knowing that we will all make mistakes even with the best intentions, and gives us space to be a person with many dimensions. Perfect parenting is really overrated and a completely impossible goal! If I'm aiming for perfection, I'll live the rest of my life overwhelmed with guilt. Guilt is not a positive motivator...LOVE IS! So start with loving yourself a little more. Take a look at your mistakes, learn from them, let go of the past, and work on your "good enough" strategy for today.

A couple of final thoughts on this that I find helpful...
*Find a trusted friend (or your husband if that works for you) who watches you interact with your children, and who will also tell you the truth. Then confide in her where you feel you fall short. Ask her to help you brainstorm ways to get past the trouble spots you encounter. With a plan to fall back on you will feel more in control.
*If you pray...DO IT! Pray alone. Pray with your kids about areas they need to grow...and areas you need to grow to be a better mommy/daddy. It helps them to see this as a team effort...not just you vs. them.
*Meet with each child privately (once in awhile) to talk about how it feels for them to be in your family. Ask if they have struggles or need something specific from you. If they have a challenging behavior, this could be a good neutral time to ask them to help you know how to respond or avoid getting to that difficult place.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Movies, Girlfriends, Laughter & Kotex

Do you have any ideas about what this video could possibly be about? It's fun ladies &'s fun!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Someone's Child...

I watched my six year old son hug a homeless man. I told the kids to say goodnight, and Andy instinctually ran to give his new friend a hug around the leg. His friend grinned and then said, "wait", and slowly sits in a chair...reaches out...and closes his eyes taking in the full embrace of my sweet child. It is long and tender. The funny thing is that Andy doesn't ever give long hugs...but somehow deep down he knows.
As we walked through the doors we greeted friends that were serving the evening meal. People we know...people we already love. Even though it is 7:30pm on a school night I brought my 11 year old daughter, and my 6 year old son. My husband stayed home with our sick 9 year old boy. We've done this project several times, and they're both sad because they know what they're missing. We probably won't get home until after 10pm, but it is a sacrifice I don't even think twice about because each time we do changes all of our hearts.

We grab a plate of food and look for a table without volunteers so that we can spend as much time as possible loving these strangers. If I were walking in their shoes, I probably wouldn't try to make eye contact either. It's hard, even for them, to accept what's given. They know they haven't earned it. They know they have nothing to give in return. I'm sure they question our motives. "Are they judging us...our decisions...our circumstances? Can they tell if we are unclean, will it repel them? Will they think we aren't intelligent? Will they be afraid? Do they assume we are on drugs or drink? Without first earning our trust, will they expect us to tell them our story?"
I introduce the kids to Robb and Paul. Robb is disheveled...but thoughtful...slow to speak...and kind. Paul is tidy...but a little manic...hard to talk to. None of us knows where to start. They talk about articles they read during the day. Hannah seems a little uncomfortable around Paul, but at peace with Robb. When it seems like everyone is almost done eating Andy asks to play Jenga. I try to bring along things to bridge the gap. Things that make everyone feel ease.

One year when the kids were really little I brought paper and markers. After dinner I watched as six homeless people lay on the ground with my kids coloring and drawing. Everyone had smiles on their faces as they chatted away. I didn't intrude. I didn't want to break the magic. I just watched. My kids asked me that night as we headed home, "Where were the homeless people?" I fought back tears as I tried to explain how God used them that night to help heal the hearts of troubled, lonely people.
Paul was working the room. He doesn't sit still for long. As we play Jenga Andy is the supreme host. He passionately includes Robb. Everyone loves Andy because of his ability to do this. He never meets a stranger, and he genuinely loves everyone. Before Robb makes a move, Andy teases him, "No not that one...the tower will fall!" Robb grins and does as he pleases. Andy laughs and makes a big deal over how good Robb is at this game!

Hannah and I leave Andy and Robb to chat and build things out of the fallen wooden blocks. Our time is almost done, and I want to meet more people. We find another table with a white woman in her 50's and a young Hispanic man in his 30's. They've bonded on the streets, and take care of each other. Hannah is an avid soccer fan and quickly prods Santos into a conversation about the sport. He dramatically talks about his favorite teams, and playing ball when he was a kid. Two sticks at each end of his yard were the goals. All afternoon everyday he and his friends would play. Hannah is riveted, and regrets that we don't have time to go outside and kick the ball with him. We have to come back Mom...we have to!

I'm chatting with the woman, and since I'm bad with names, I've already forgotten. I feel guilty for this. She lives her life nameless...and now I've forgotten too. She tells me how before she met Santos she was attacked many times on the streets. She lost her job a few years back. Didn't have much saved. Traveled to another state to try to start over. Money goes she lives hand out to hand out. She wants to believe that maybe because of her strong faith, God put her on the streets and is using her to reach out to other homeless people. She clings to that belief. "Every time I have a is met. God has been faithful...but it's hard," she says.

We clean up and watch them make their palates on the floor. They feel more comfortable with us now, and each face beams with thankfulness. They ask us to come back...we say, "We'll try."

The kids and I get in the car and start our drive home. Hannah says, "Mom, Paul was strange and there were moments I felt uncomfortable there, but I'm so glad we went." I told her, "Whenever I'm in a situation like that I tell myself...this is someone's child.

A mom gave birth to this person, had dreams for this baby. I imagine that each person there is really you. My baby lost in the home. If I were in heaven, and you were in those circumstances, I would want someone to love you not out of pity, but because human beings need to be loved." The car was dark, but I could see her shoulders shaking and the tears glistening on her cheeks. I reached out and took her hand, and it was silent the rest of the way home.

I tucked Hannah and Andy in bed that night, and Hannah reached out for a hug and pleaded with me, "Please Mom...we have to go back."

"My father has blessed you! Come and receive the kingdom that was prepared for you before the world was created. When I was hungry, you gave me something to eat, and when I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink. When I was a stranger, you welcomed me, and when I was naked, you gave me clothes to wear. When I was sick, you took care of me, and when I was in jail, you visited me." Then the ones who pleased the Lord will ask, "When did we give you something to eat or drink? When did we welcome you as a stranger or give you clothes to wear or visit you while you were sick or in jail?" The king will answer, "Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me." Matthew 25:34-40

*Our church hosts a group of homeless people for one month every year. It is a part of a program called Hotel De Zink run through an organization called InnVision. For more information click here

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nit Pickin'

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it! One of Charisse's kids has the dirty little creatures. Being the good friend that I am...I dove in to make sure she is critter free. Giggles abound!

If you just can't get enough of this's the practical stuff. Helpful tips on how to clean house and children of all nasty nits.

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Halloween Fun...

The two most exciting days of the year in my childhood were Halloween and Christmas morning!

Charisse's son Luke and my son Ben.
They love to dress up during their playdates.
Imagine the battles they will have all year wearing these outfits!

Andy, Hannah, & Charisse's daughter Sophia.

We got a puppy over the summer, so Hannah wanted to be Dorothy.
Ben found this Narnia costume and freaked out.
Andy wanted to be a bat or a bunny. The bunny was $19. Easy decision!

2 1/2 hours of Trick or Treating.
Stopped counting around 100 pieces of candy.
Sorting, Trading, Parental Tax (aka...give us our share!)
Kids passed out after the sugar low hit around 10pm.
We had a great time...

Then just when I thought I'd get a peaceful nights sleep...
The dog woke up three times clawing at his crate needing to barf and poop!
Ben woke up at 5am feeling sick.
I think we might be taking a cruise on the swiney river.
Andy woke at 6am with a bad dream.

Mommy woke up at 7:30am VERY CRANKY from being up all night.
I guess Halloween continues to be a spooky, unpredictable evening!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Bling!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

This has been a terrific week of blog reading. We have so enjoyed reading your posts, hearing your ideas, laughing at your rants on various topics, being a part of your bloggy life.

**First I want to do a SHOUT OUT to Obnoxious SAHM for having us as her guest blogger on Sunday. You are a great blogger and commenter Donna. Thanks for the great advice via e-mail this week. You're a jewel! We put together a special video just for her. I'm sure it will appear sometime this week on our blog as well. I think you call that a "Two-Fer".

It has also been a great week to share the Love. First up is...

Erin at The Mother Load gave us the Heartfelt Award! We love you Erin. You've been with us since the beginning, and so encouraging every step of the way. If you don't know Erin let me be the first to say she is a faithful blog friend! So head on over there and check her out.
We would like to pass this award on to...
*Tiffany at ontheverge

Lynn at Midday Escapades & Holly at 504 Main gave us this super cool Friendly Blogger Award. We visit both of them everyday...and we think YOU SHOULD TOO!
LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS! It makes me happy to have a male audience. Their comments come from a totally different angle, and tickle me. Thanks guys...aren't you glad I didn't give you the award above? I'm good like that!

Holly at 504 Main also gave us this award. Gosh you are just too sweet. We love you too!

The Friends Award we pass on to...

***PJ (listed above) asked me to pass this on to all of you.

She's hosting a giveaway to kick-off the holiday shopping season. The prize is a $75 gift certificate to The shopping possibilities are endless! The contest will be posted on her blog Tuesday morning, November 3rd.

Looking forward to another great week together. In case someone out there felt a little left out. Let me reassure you that if I read you...I think you are the bomb! I have too much to do to waste my time reading stinky posts. So, if you secretly covet one of the awards above...please, please take it and know it comes with all of our love. Have a great week everyone!