Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Once Upon A time...

Once upon a time two women set out to start a blog...decided they actually love to vlog...spent a year caught up in writing, reading, video taping, and ultimately...EXHAUSTED! One day these women start hearing from girls on Youtube that they would like them to be online moms. The women think, "Are they insane? How did they come up with that idea watching our random, funny chats we do for Life Laugh Latte?!" Lots of teen girls start writing e-mails asking their questions about growing up. After responding to a few the women realize that it couldn't hurt to try doing a video or two and see what response they get.

That started in March, 2010 and although it hasn't exactly been "videos gone viral," it has turned into something we never expected. We answer over 100 questions a month through e-mail, and have 53,000 views of our "Ask Mom Series" and "Reality Check" videos. Girls roughly age 10-18 are our demographic and they ask everything from..."When will I start my period?, "How can I know if he likes me?", "My friends are involved in risky do I help them?", "What will happen at my first gyno appt.?", "Help, I think I'm pregnant!", "How do I get out of an abusive relationship?", and the most common question, "How do I talk to my mom about _____?"

Having a 13 year old daughter now it has really opened my eyes to the importance of staying connected and being available every day. I've learned that I have to earn and keep her trust, and spend the time with her that allows me the opportunity to bring up the big and little topics that are current to her world. It is so easy to forget that puberty and beyond is familiar to us since we have been down that path...but it is 100% new, embarrassing, and a bit scary to the child just entering those years.

I feel so thankful that we get to be a little part of their experience as we give them simple advice and encourage them to seek out an adult in their life that they can confide in. So, if you have been wondering where we have been...come check out our videos on Youtube. If you have a teenage daughter introduce her to our videos and use them as a way to start discussions. You can find us on our Youtube channel...

Someday soon we'll be back in the saddle here at Life Laugh Latte as well. Happy New Year Friends!

Love, Holly & Charisse