Tuesday, March 16, 2010

70's TV...Reminisce With Us

Hello Friends...time to giggle again with us! We took a stroll down memory lane remembering our favorite 70's tv shows. Which of our favorites did you love? What shows would you add to our list? We thought of at least a dozen other goodies after we finished taping. Enjoy...

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christy rose said...

I watched all of those!! Except "the Birds" because my mom was around! LOL
One of my favorites was Petticoat Junction. I loved it!!! :)

Liz in Virginia said...


My sister and I would sneak Elvis movies -- my mom thought they were too adult for us. While she went to an art class once a week my dad let us stay up and watch "Gunsmoke" with him -- which was so grown-up of us, don't you think?

I'm a little older than you guys, so I practiced my kissing on David Cassidy from "The Partridge Family" and if you don't think I still know every word to every song . . . . Well.

And while I always thought "Romper Room" was lame, I totally adored "Captain Kangaroo."

Anonymous said...

um, i was born in ', pretty much, i missed the 70's. i used to watch reruns of Good Times though--that's 70's, right?!

i'll shut up now.

5thsister said...

I watched The Birds, too, as a child. My mom watched it with me. I was scarred for life.

Let's see: 70's shows I watched (and some from the 60's too as I am oh so much older than you two!)

Star Trek (original)
The Red Skelton Show
The Ed Sullivan Show
The Flip Wilson Show
Laugh In
Wild Wild West
Flying Nun (she was the best!)
I Dream of Jeannie
The Carol Burnett Show
The Sonny and Cher Show
Match Game
Hogan's Heroes
The 6 Million Dollar Man
The Bionic Woman
Mission Impossible
Hawaii Five-O
Looney Tunes on Saturday mornings

Oh I could go on and on! But, much to your relief, I won't!

Liz in Virginia said...

Oooh! Shaun Cassidy! How 'bout those "Hardy Boys?!"

Frau said...

Omg I watched all those I loved it your video had me laughing.

Coffeypot said...

Women...always wanting things to be bigger. It wasn't a magnifying glass, it was a magical LOOKING GLASS where she could see into the kids living rooms. Which I think would be kinda cool and kinky now.

Also girls didn't watch the cool shows like Wagon Train and Gun Smoke. Or older shows from the 50‘s and 60‘s: Have Gun Will Travel, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Gene Autry. Girls had to wear dresses, too.

Matty said...

It's nice to see people old enough like me to remember all those shows. I watched every one you mentioned. Three's Company, Fantasy Island.

Kathy said...

I hate birds, they are very scary!

I have spent so many years in front of the tv. I especially rememaber:

Bob Newhart
Brady Bunch
Partridge Family
Nanny and the Professor
Happy Days
Laverne and Shirley
Wild Wild West
Welcome Back Kotter
and on and on and on!

***Holly*** said...

I remember watching Three's Company every day after school (maybe that was early 80's) and Gilligan's Island, Good Times, The Muppet Show, The Brady Bunch.

Eva Gallant said...

How about Pinky Lee?
"Yoo hoo, it's me.
My name is Pinky Lee;
I skip and run
have lots of fun
With games for you and me.
It's plain to see
How you can tell it's me--
By my funny hat and funny coat
And my silly dance like a billy goat!

You guys are probably too young to remember that one.

If you want to talk REAL oldies..there was a radio show I used to listen to; can't remember the name of the show, but it was with Big John and Sparky.
"If you go down in the woods today
You better not go alone..
It's lovely down in the woods today
But safer to stay at home.
For beneath the trees
Where nobody sees
The teddy bears have their picnic!

I am ubergeek to remember those songs at the ripe old age of 65!lol

Tiz said...

Hi Holly,
Mary Tyler Moore was one of my favorites.
I also want to comment on your beautiful family...several posts can tell I am not much of a blog reader.
And yes, Jesus is just awesome. Thanks for your encouraging comments.

Funny in My Mind said...

The Big Valley
Little House
Brady Bunch
Partridge Family
Family Affair
Gilligan's Island
My Three Sons
Muppet Show
Happy Days
Laverne and Shirley
6 Million Dollar Man
Mr. Rogers

Lluvia said...

I don't recall any of the shows mentioned. It might because I was born in 1978. I was in Mexico up until 1987, so i pretty much watched Mexican TV before that.

I do now watch Star Trek, and I love it!

Ms Bibi said...

I grew up in Europe so I watched all the popular 70' shows during the 90'. Yes, I am cool like that.

One of my favorites was Muppet Show and Happy Day....and yes, I was in my 20'

Holly said...

I wish we had romper room still...better than yo gabba gabba (we actually do not watch that).

Gilligan Island
The Munsters
I Dream of Jeannie
The Brady Bunch
Happy Days
Laverne and Shirley
Bionic Woman
6 Million Dollar Man
Donny and Marie
Carol Burnett

This was fun!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

haha very cute- I didn't know a lot you were talking about but I do know the Birds and I watched that a lot growing up, I'm not sure why I was allowed to. :)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I thought you two would be too young to remember Romper Room! I certainly remember it from when I was very young.

I liked Eight is Enough, Love Boat...I can't believe you remember Buffy and Jody, of course I wanted to be Sissy!

jackie said...

I hadn't heard of a lot of the ones you mentioned, but I loved Three's Company, and The Brady Bunch. I also saw The Birds.

ShellyInOz said...

Oh my what a trip down memory lane! I watched a lot of the ones that everybody mentions, so I'll tell you who were my heartthrobs: Elvis Presley, Shaun Cassidy, The Fonz and Chachi, then in the 80's Jan Michael Vincent, Rob Lowe and Dirk Benedict.

Have a great weekend!

Shelly at Tropical Mum