Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Am I...Your Puppet?!

Do ventriloquists make you nervous? If so, you will thoroughly enjoy watching Charisse use me as her puppet. Enjoy!

Have a great day!
Holly & Charisse


Frau said... guys had me laughing so hard at your funny! I love your concern for pick up time randomly in the middle...that panic for a second!

Coffeypot said...

I do love you two. I look everyday to see if there is a new video.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Oh God...why have I not visited in so long? This cracked me up. I mean, really, laughing hysterically.

I can see how effective this would be. I might have to borrow your puppet. I have some things to discuss with my husband.

Love you guys...:)

Dawn said...

You two crack me up!!!
And I LOVE how you have puppet videos scrolling across the bottom after yours is done.

ScoMan said...

I was just thinking of all the cool things I could use my puppet for, and then you said puppets aren't cool.

Like if a client came in with the shoe box, I could have the puppet explain why a shoebox full of receipts is bad, and then I could use the puppet to beat them with. And then when the cops came I'd be like "It wasn't me, it was the puppet" and the puppet would take the fall for my crimes.

You know what? I don't care what you say, puppets are useful. They're great scapegoats.

Kathy said...


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I really needed to laught today...I should have known you would provide that for me!

Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said...

hysterical... soooo darn funny you guys are.. ;)

btw... I used "The Man" technique the other day to my 5 yr old daughter...
sighs..yep.. good stuff you guys taught this mom. ;) (tee hee!)

Tropical Mum said...

I am usually so up-to-date with your vlogs, because you ladies are one of my faves, but I realised that I have been out of touch for the last few weeks.

Love your weight loss challenge, but I so won't be joining you on that one, I like food too much and life is too short to eat low-fat anything. I am planning a weekend away in late June and the highlights of the trip will be all the different food we can eat! Oops! Ahem, but it won't taste very good at all ahem.

Holly said...

Holly looks a little like a purple E.T. How did you keep a straight face? I am strangely fascinated and creeped out at the same time!