Monday, August 9, 2010

Why do people do that?

Hello bloggie friends! Yup, Summer kicked our blogging to the curb...but we have had a ton of fun! Found some time to vlog with our new video camera the other day. Guess what...the quality stinks. Not sure what we are doing wrong please forgive and laugh with us anyway.

Today's video will share some of our favorite stories that make us ask the question..."Why do people do that?"

Thank you whats around the next bend for the Sunshine Award. We just love it! Hugs and kisses right back at you:)

Love, Holly & Charisse


Matty said...

No way! A used pantie liner?? Oooookaaaayyyyy then.

How about the people who pick their nose in their car, as if no one can see them.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the laughs girls!! I SOOO needed that this lovely Monday morning.
The 'washing out your used condom', that seriously made me gaffaw!

Liz in Virginia said...

My dog pooped out a used tampon. Which means, obviously, that he ate a used tampon. And I got to clean it up.

I win!

I missed you, girls! Glad you had a good summer -- now, back to work making me laugh!

*LLUVIA* said...




One time, my friend's 3 year old little girl was acting like she wanted to give me something, so I hold out my hand and she puts a big ass nasty booger on my hand!!!! It was sooo gross!!! I then turned and wiped my hand on her shirt! (my friend wasn't thrilled when I did that)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

How have I ever gotten along without being this grossed out? I wondered where you were!

Coffeypot said...

Well, glad you are finally back. But the used panty liner reminded me of the time, back in the 60’s when women still wore girdles, my first wife went into the dressing room to try one on. Yes! They did that back then…but when she opened the box out came a dirty used girdle. Some swapping went on in the dressing room, I guess. I LMAO and she hit me and said, “It’s not funny and it stinks.” I laughed even harder. I did say that she is my ex now, didn’t I?

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Good to see you back! I just finished reading Lisa Kogan's "Someone Will Be Will Be With You Shortly" which included a rather funny chapter about the very gaffes you cite here. It must be an epidemic! What IS wrong??

Stop on by for a visit--it has been a long time!

Holly said...

People are just gross when they think they won't get caught. Th e toe nails are gross, as is the panty liner...but really Charisse - washing out the condom...ewwww!

I must admit we have had the same stick issue here. And I smelled it too!

I will add that to the t-shirt list we have going here...yes we have a long list of great t-shirt sayings

Tropical Mum said...

Someone I knew told me that when they backpacked around Europe and used their Eurorail pass, they used to purposefully clip their toenails at the beginning of the trip when everyone is looking for a seat to discourage people from sitting nearby, thus enabling them to have the seats to themselves.

Once when I was about six or seven, I was crying and my nose was running. My dad was trying to comfort me and said, "whatever you do, don't blow your nose on my shirt", in between my sobs, I heard, "blow your nose on my shirt", well you know what came next...

jennifer said...

I do NOT smell anything extended toward me... the milk, food, perfume... NOTHING. It's one of those 'quirks' of mine.

Funny stuff ladies!

Martha in PA said...

I can't think of ANYTHING that tops eyes are watering from laughing. Ewwwwww!

Welcome back!

Sadako said...

That was awesome. I agree--thanks for the laugh!

The Caffeinated Globe said...

Thanks for making me laugh.

Just want to let you know that, in my latest post, I mentioned this blog of both of you. I quoted the comment which "Holly" posted on my blog. See for yourself:

Martha in PA said...

where oh where are you?