Friday, September 25, 2009

Principles We Live By - Gratitude

This is the first of a series of videos where we discuss "Principles We Live By." Gratitude is the subject of this first video. Here we discuss why we think it is important, how we integrate it into our day, and how we teach it to our children. Grab your latte and jump in on the conversation. We would like to know how you express gratitude in your life?

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Liz in Virginia said...

OK, first I need to say that I'm loving your videos; it's really fun to listen to your conversation, and I found myself chuckling and nodding my head several times. I love the idea of giving a shout-out to all your non-Christian friends because that wouldn't be awkward at all! :)

I think you both hit on something very real when you said that it is important to notice big and small things and acknowledge our gratitude for them right away. We can only do this when we are truly present in the moment, and not trapped inside our own heads; I catch myself doing this most often in the car -- instead of truly engaging with the day or my companions I am stressing about the future or obsessing about the past.

Great post with lots to mull over as I finish my latte!

Holly said...

I loved your blog even before I got here...since we have so much in common. I think it is hilarious we are both Holly's from CA that went to FIDM (did you go to LA?)...with new blogs! Your blog is beautiful. I love the idea of taping the conversations- Fantastic!!!!!! I am going to be a follower and add you to my blog roll. See you soon. Holly of

Sissi said...

Your blog made my list today! I'm a laugher, loud guffaws actually, even when life isn't so funny. I followed your link from The Motherload and truly enjoyed surfing through your blog ;-) Looking forward to next week!