Thursday, September 24, 2009

Water For review

Get ready for 331 pages of depth, excitement, adventure, romance, sin, guilt, revenge, and restoration. Sara Gruen's story of the 1930's circus is both historically accurate and told masterfully. It was impossible to put it down. When the book club I joined decided on this title I cringed. The circus just isn't something I'd ever choose to read about on my own. Immediately I was drawn in, and happily I whispered "sionara" to the week of laundry piling up. I was jumping a circus train to join Jacob, Marlena and all of the other crazy characters in the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show On Earth.

Every character you will come to love or hate as the story is recounted by Jacob now in his 90's in a nursing home. Thoughtful insights about aging are also woven into this complex story. I just thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this book. I hope you will too. I would like to warn our followers that this book does have moments when it is very raw. If that might offend you...steer clear! Otherwise, get ready to laugh, cringe, cry, and sit on the edge of your seat in suspense because this book is a wild ride. You can purchase this book right here on our blog through Amazon. Look in the right column for more information. Fiction***** review by Holly


Liz in Virginia said...

I have loved this book for a long time. I love the perspective of the old man, because it reminded me that the person we see when we go to a nursing home has lived a full, rewarding, thrilling, tragic, romantic life. Just because we know nothing about it doesn't mean that it has no reality.

I also loved that the author's careful use of pronouns led to a surprising "reveal" at the dramatic climax of the story. I hate to say more without giving away an exciting plot twist.

You "Latte Girls" are right on target -- everyone should read this book!

Thanks for visiting my blog -- and for telling me about yours! I'll be back! ("Terminator" reference, because I'm good like that. . . )

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I bought this book and haven't read it yet. I have gotten caught up in others. Right now I'm reading The Help...can't remember who wrote it and it's upstairs and my big butt is not going up there to look, but I totally recommend it, and I will read THIS one next!

Whew...sorry about that, long winded. I love the idea of two friends taping their conversations and then putting it on a blog!!

Thanks for stopping by mine!!


Erin M. said...

Like Lee, I've bought this book but have not gotten to it yet. But I'm going to get to it soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I'm excited to have discovered yours as well. I'm pretty new at this, too. Looking forward to coming back here often!