Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let's Talk Intimacy Ladies!

Gosh, have we been in bloggyville long enough to talk frankly about such a vulnerable part of our lives? This video is a candid conversation about how we need to value sexual intimacy in our marriages...thinking about it, making it a priority, loving our husbands, enjoying it. I dare you not to laugh!

Part I

More conversation about maintaining a positive perspective on sex, realizing it should be a vital part of our marriages, improving it, initiating it. Dive in to Part II blogistas!

Part II

Well, there it is friends. We'd love to hear your take on this topic...for us or against us. I think this can be a difficult topic for every couple at some point in their marriage. Either way it is all good and important to discuss. Don't forget to leave a comment, tell a friend, and become a Follower.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I think the intimacy is huge in our marriage. Of course, it doesn't happen often, but when it does...ohh la la!

Erin M. said...

Same here---dh loves the intimacy stuff. Me, I'd rather just cuddle. I'm a bad wife!!!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I'm all for intimacy, I wish my husband didn't have to work two jobs and be a full-time musician, so we could have more time alone...

Ms Bibi said...

Been married for 16 years and going through some tough times for last few years the intimacy took the back burner few times, but I came to conclusion that being intimate through the tough times is more important then when everything is going great. It's like letting each other know I 'm here and we will be ok.

Someone's Mom said...

I swear this is a universal topic. I found myself smiling through the entire thing. You know, when the kids leave the are still tired! The other thing that happens is one of you usually has a shoulder, or back that hurts. I'm a firm believer in making time to get away from the house for the weekend. The house sucks you in to things you "need" to be doing. In a hotel, you have all that time to play.

You guys are great!


Daffy said...

Hmm...intimacy...sorta breaks down like this... I think it's hugely important...hubs has a headache 24/7 LOL great topic though! It's my number one in my Power of a Praying Wife book :O)

Midday Escapades said...

You two must be spying on me! I am all about intimacy in marriage. Mr. Escapades and I have been married for 16 years and I am happy to report that we continue to have a very happy sex life. Thanks for putting this out there.

I also appreciate the comment you left at my blog. I'm also new follower now. BTW - is it the video or do ya'll have some rather BIG coffee mugs??

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

First of all, let me just say that I LOVE the video format--it reminds me of afternoons with my sister (although I must concur with Midday--we've NEVER had coffee mugs that large!)

It was brave of you to tackle this topic, but important, too. So many women, especially as you pointed out, those of us in the Christian community don't talk enough about sex. As my husband likens sex to air, I'd put ignoring the issue in the "emergency" category.

Thanks for the great comment and the follow on my site. Count me among the faithful here--I'll be back (and I'll let my sister know about you, too. She'll at least want to know about the mugs) :)


i told my ob/gyn that i was using abstinence as my form of birth control. she just laughed. who is laughing now Dr M? who is laughing now?

Willoughby said...

Great topic! I think you made a great point in saying that it won't go away just because you ignore it. I think a lot of couples do ignore it and it becomes a point of contention in their marriage.

My husband and I are pretty up front with each other about being "in the mood" or not "in the mood". We've been married for 20 years and we're still happy, so that's what works for us.

5thsister said...

"Polly wants a cracker" takes on a whole new meaning!

Polly over at The 5th Sister

Stephanie Faris said...

No way could I have a conversation like that with my mom. Moms don't have sex, do they?

Charisse and Holly said...

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to chat back at ya!
Erin - You are an amazing wife with a lot on your plate. I think you're tops!

Ms. Bibbi - What a great perspective! I now have that filed like a treasure in my heart. Thanks.

Someone's Mom - Getting away really does make a difference doesn't it. We hardly ever get to hold hands. I try to remember to at night when we watch tv. Time away changes all of that!

Daffy - Haven't gotten to that book yet. Have it by my bedside. A friend insisted I read it.

Midday - Funny you noticed the "really big" coffee mugs after commenting on your great sex life. Does hubs have big hands and feet too?LOL They are huge by the way, because I want to be able to say that I only had 1 cup of coffee:) Bought them a few years back at Z-Gallery.

Cynthia - Thanks for the sweet comment and also for the referral. Love those.

Crib - You never fail to surprise me with your responses. YOU ROCK

Stephanie - I'm very afraid to ask you this...who do you think is the mother? We actually are just very good friends...not mother and daughter. I'd like to think that neither of us looks that old, that maybe it is just the video quality. We love you worries!

***Anyone have any ideas on how to make the video quality better?

Holly said...

I'll be back later when I don't have am 8 year ld sitting not ready to explain that...besides that his dad's job and he isn't here. If I made time for intimacy I would have no time for blogging...there are only so many hours in the day.

Holly @ 504 Main

ps-did you get/understand the photo email?

Sissi said...

I'm a cuddler, hubs is the lover =) It's hard to find time for lovin with a toddler running around and a preteen who is already going through puberty! LOL!

MJ said...

How uncanny you should post this. I just had a conversation with a co-worker about the intimacy part of my marriage. Both the co-worker and you girls reminded me that if I give even an iota of intimacy to him with out him asking, I will more than likely receive what I want/need. That and recognizing that there are differences in a man’s and a woman’s needs. This is a huge component of the book Marriage on the Rock.
Thanks girls!

Theta Mom said...

You ladies cracked me up! That whole tick bit, so funny!!! The bottom line is we have to make the time for intimacy. We all run crazy lives between work, the house and the kids, we need to make time for the relationship that began the journey.

Rook No. 17 said...

Great topic ladies! My girlfriends and I have taken up the subject several times, but still haven't been able to come up with any answers. If there were just a "magic pill" to help get us over the hump (no pun intended), I'd be first in line. Only you two could weave Merv Griffin and Andy Griffith into a sex talk. Tee Hee!
Jenn @

My name is PJ. said...

GREAT topic, girls! You approach it from your personal vantage point and it's VERY relatable. What I'd like to add, having been privy to many older folks and their candor, is that 'intimacy' is NOT synonymous with intercourse; when some people say intercourse has tapered off a bit over decades of a relationship - it's what works for them and it IS okay; Christian women I know DO talk about it (I'm one!) and their experiences are no different across the board than those of any other group of women; given my druthers, I'd opt for a long, intimate, loving marriage and/or partnership before I'd opt for intercourse 5 nights a week for a lifetime.

I know, I's a shame I had nothing to add today. I promise to work on that! ;)

Jeff Roney's Blog said...

Another great talk, gals. I have a podcast, RoneyZone Radio (, and I'd love to interview you two. If you are interested, drop me an email

Hillbilly Duhn said...

The only time hubs and I ever agrue is about sex. For me, it's a need, a need to feel wanted, desired, whether it be full blown intimacy or a make out session, it's important to me. Him, not so much. He could take it or leave it. Most of the time, leaves it. Which leaves me feeling, unwanted, undesired, self esteem takes a plumett to the bottom of the large coffee cup your holding (holy cow). You know. Tomorrow I'm posting about Dating Myself. Stop by and check it out!

Laura said...

ive always believed that if he isnt getting it at home..he is getting it somewhere else..and that goes for women too..its a physical/emotional need we cannot hide from..eventually if will come back to bite you one way or another..

Love your blog..makes me miss my best buddy who is too far away for us to do videos together..

Glad you found me and I found you!