Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank You Ever So Much! you really think so...oh no you couldn't mean us? Well, we are all out flattered and proudly accept this award from Holly at If you haven't been there to see her you have to go right now! I stumbled on to her blog when I first started looking for blogs to Follow. We share a lot of the same history without ever having met each other...not to mention we share the same great name! Many, many thanks Holly!

When I know the creator of an award I really like to do a shout out. So HOWDY Lee at know you do! And in rock so hard that after much consideration I felt that you should really be able to post your own award in your awards slideshow. That's right! I think that you smoke/sizzle/flash around this bloggy world spreading good tidings, lovely comments, and producing amazing posts. So, in honor of you...I give you your own award! I know that seems a little strange, but honestly...are there any rules against this? I think not! Thanks for being an amazing blogfriend.

I wanted to thank some of my newest blog Followers for coming on by for a visit and leaving great comments. Really makes our day! So let me introduce to everyone...

Spend some time on this happy Sunday getting to know these wonderful gals.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Holy crap that's so awesome!! What a great day!! No baseball game and an award!! And, I love that you honored me back with this one!!

MJ said...

I am HONORED to the tenth degree for this Holly!!! I never thought a newbie like me would see this!!!! It brought tears to my eyes *sniff* In a good way of course!!!
As you were leaving me comment love, I was over here mouth hanging open thinking does this mean what I think it does????

Someone's Mom said...

First, congratulations to you! Well deserved. Now I will jump up and down screaming, "I see my name" and thank you for being honest and fun. I'm really glad to have "met" you in the big blog world.