Saturday, October 3, 2009

We're Busting Our Buttons...

It's like the 60's in Blog Land this week. The LOVE is flowing freely! LLL's heart has been beating for just a couple of weeks, and we just received our 3rd award!! It is hard to even know how to respond to so much kindness. I guess a great big old "THANK YOU" is in order. Thank you Daffy at Batcrap Crazy and Lee at Hotflashes & Hormones for giving us this award. You know that we think the two of you are TOPS as well.

So go visit these gals. Both of their blogs make our day, give us huge belly giggles, and sometimes make our jaws hit the floor (which I'm sure counts as good exercise!).

We will proudly display this lovely award...and pass it on to the following blogs that we have really enjoyed a ton lately. We know you will love them too, so stop what you are doing and get over there. No really, STOP and go there now! I can be so bossy.:)


If you are wondering why I titled this post "We're Busting Our Buttons." Well, when I was little...whenever my mom came to one of my performances she would tell me afterwards that her chest swelled up with so much pride that she busted all of her buttons off of her blouse. I thought that was a good example of how we feel right now. Proud of all of our fellow blogger friends sharing their incredible talents, and thrilled to be a part of such an amazing community. Y'all are the best!

This award, I believe, was created by Matty at He, by the way is a faithful blogger and a great commenter. He even found things to say about our tampon videos. What a man! His rule is that recipients answer the questions below with one word answers. This is one of those things I always think I stink at. But, for you Matty...I'll do it!

1. Where is your cell phone?...Hmmm
2. Your hair? ...frizzy
3. Your mother? ...chatty
4. Your father?...miss him
5. Your favorite food? ...dark chocolate
6. Your dream last night?...eating apples during church
7. Your favorite drink?...latte
8. Your dream/goal? ...start crosscountry races
9. What room are you in? room
10. Your hobby? ...Blogging
11. Your fear? ...I won't find what I'm really good at
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? with my daughter in her dorm
13. Where were you last night?...snuggling my kids watching dog shows on tv
14. Something you aren't?...selfish
15. Muffins? ...i prefer the term "love handles"
16. Wish list item? ...Kindle
17. Where did you grow up?...haven't yet
18. Last thing you did?...miss my favorite 10k
19. What are you wearing? ...PJ's at 10AM
20. Your TV? huge
21. Your pets? ...Nacho the wonder chihuahua
22. Your friends? ...lift me up
23. Your life?...a blessing
24. Your mood? ...generally cheerful
25. Missing someone? siblings
26. Vehicle? ...van
27. Something you're not wearing? ...underwear
28. Your favorite store? ...Target
29. Your favorite color?
30. When was the last time you laughed? ...5 seconds ago
31. Last time you cried? ...proud of my son giving his report
32. Your best friend?...don't believe in 1 best friend, each has something I need that makes me a better person.
33. One place that I go over and over? store
34. One person who emails me regularly?...elementary school (it's endless)
35. Favorite place to eat? ...Japanese


5thsister said...

Oh wow! How did I deserve this honor? Thank you for this recognition! I am truly humbled and willingly accept this award. I'll post my replies and my nominations in the next day or two. Thank you!!!!

Willoughby said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so flattered to have received this award!

I just love dropping by your blog! I can't wait to have you as guests at my cocktail party! You will be sending me something, right? Right? Right?


you guys are the blog diggity dog! thanks for my latest award! i'm doing an award post some time next week, so be sure to check it out!

ScoMan said...

It's strange, nobody who has received this award is wearing underwear. Maybe that's what makes the truly great bloggers, by going commando they feel free and it enables them to express themselves that much better.

I loved the answer to "Where did you grow up?"

Willoughby said...

I have an award waiting for you at my blog! Stop by and pick it up!

My name is PJ. said...

Hi Gals, Thanks for stopping by my blog and following along! I believe I will be your 24th follower! :)